That Peter Crouch Show

Have you found yourself watching a game of American Football only to realise that you had no idea what was going on? You are not alone! Former England striker Peter Crouch was a complete novice; that was until he met the Jaguars NFL Hall of Fame candidate, Tony Boselli and Superbowl champion, Mark Brunell. Join Peter as he enters the world of gridiron in our ultimate American Football 101 lesson.

Episode 1, the guys take on the rules of America's greatest sport
Episode 2 the lads discuss positions, the league set up and how the draft works!
Episode 3 investigates the inner workings of the locker room - initiations, music choices and most importantly inspirational team talks.
In the final episode, Crouchy sits down with Tony and Mark to discuss the showmanship, spectacle and maybe even the celebrations of American football and the NFL