Head to Head

The McLaren Formula 1 team has many sponsors - their logos adorn the cars, clothing and drivers' helmets and they are synonymous with the team. Amongst the work we've done with these big name brands through the years, we have also created playful content for the team itself to be used as a touchpoint with fans.

Head to Head ‘Air Hockey’

Filming with Formula 1 megastars takes a certain knack, and Wing has become agency of choice for many of the sponsoring brands of McLaren, as well as the F1 team itself, for being able to capture engaging content in the high pressure timescales that result from the drivers' tight schedules.

With only 30 minutes to film a series of 4 light hearted challenges between the drivers we had to work quickly, and rely upon the close relationship we've managed to build up with the F1 superstars. In this challenge the drivers go head to head at the Air Hockey table.

Head to Head ‘Buzzer’

The second in a series of 4 vignettes entitled 'Head to Head', designed to show McLaren's drivers' lighter side...

This film features Jenson and Lewis competing in a stolen moment deep in the backstage recesses of the McLaren Technology Centre. In this challenge, the drivers go head to head on an old school test of nerve and skill.

A Little Training

A little bit of fun with Jenson and Lewis as they ‘train’ for the British Grand Prix using a more lo-tech simulator than the cutting edge, super secret version they're used to.

Playful, accessible content like this is really effective at targeting a fan base - McLaren's followers are a techy lot, and slotting colourful output in amongst drier helps develop and secure a loyal and motivated membership.

A Little Guide

The British Grand Prix is one of the highlights of the Formula 1 season. For British World Champions Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, it’s particularly poignant as the circuit comes to their home turf.

Using a detailed Scalextric scale model of Silverstone, Lewis and Jenson talk through the challenges of the track and explain what makes Silverstone such a classic circuit. An interesting take on an all-too-often uncreatively presented pre-race staple.