Who is Watching? Who Do We Want to Watch?

It’s All About Engagement

WINGiT is our Global Video Distribution offering with a network of 80,000 influencers and 15,000 publishers

We have a potential reach of 3.7 billion people across the globe with proprietary tools for content amplification, performance tracking and influencer partnerships.

The acid test in every case we work on is – “will they share it?” Our answer to that has to be ‘Yes’ and we do this through making great films that focus on viewer engagement but also through intelligent distribution.

We have a proven track record for exceptional watch time and viewability, not simply reach and views. We don’t believe in interrupting people’s viewing experiences with endless pre-rolls like most advertising agencies.

Audiences choose to watch our content because it’s unmissable and presented in a true native form, which is why our social videos earn attention from national press and global publishers.

Moreover, our strategies are organic, which means we’re not susceptible to the woes of AdBlocker.

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Premium Editorial

We will pair your brand with the most popular and relevant names from our global network of 15,000 publishers.

To ensure your content reaches the right audience, we segment our publishers by geography, demographic and interest and we can customise YouTube, Facebook or Insta players with our interactive masthead which further drives visits and sales.

Achieve over 60% more engagement than paid promotion with our custom brand player.

Influencer Strategy

Our talent managers specialise in pairing major influencers with brands for powerful activations across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. We manage 72,000 influencers globally.

  • Authentic voice and guaranteed social promotion
  • Enhanced production values with WING
  • Brand approval process on video and comms
  • Talent and rights management
  • Unrivalled value on production and promotion
  • Guaranteed reach, views and engagement with a bespoke campaign plan
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Contact Wing

Real Time Monitoring

Access to our real-time live performance dashboard means you can monitor campaign progress with ease.

  • Custom built for your campaign objectives
  • View all social performance in one place
  • URL format for easy access and sharing
  • Differentiate between various view sources, ad revenue and agency activations