Vodafone customer stories

Four stories & four countries; Vodafone humanises business stories as they find a new normal, post the COVID lockdown.

A business first for Vodafone, creating one unified campaign across their key markets with over 221 deliverables, multi-lingual, and cross country.


Paul and Rob Forkan have taken their travel-inspired fashion brand, Gandys, and adapted through these challenging times.  Gandys is dedicated to doing good, by building kids’ campuses and giving back to underprivileged children around the world. 


‘Behind a problem, there might be an opportunity… and this is what happened to us.” WING took a trip to Italy to see how DEHA, female sportswear brand, has coped during COVID-19, bringing their team closer than ever”

Drees & Sommers

 Drees & Sommar are an international consulting company from Germany, who work in the building and real estate sector. We got a chance to visit their smart home and see what other adaptations have had positive effects on the company. 

Corral & Vargas

Corral & Vargas is a Spanish, family-run dental business. They have had to adapt their business to be able to look after their clients, who are not just clients but patients.