The final part of our ‘Walks’ campaign. Following the Keelwalk and Mastwalk WING present #Skywalk. Watch as Alex Thomson takes this final stunt in the trilogy to the next level.

#Skywalk - 'Behind the Scenes'
The Mast Walk

The Brief

Hugo Boss have sponsored daredevil round the world sailor Alex Thomson for over 10 years, making his one of the longest running sponsorship deals in professional sailing. Wing have worked with Alex for the last 10 years. Hugo Boss came to us to ask how we could use our in depth understanding of Alex and his yacht to create some truly viral output to spread their sponsorship into the mainstream. By planning and staging a stunt, they wanted us to create content that appeared almost naughty in nature, challenging to the brand and amusing to the audience, helping to establish a new approach for the sponsorship.

The Solution

Our key consideration was to try and create something that had never been seen before – only by pulling off a unique stunt could we expect to punch through the chatter online and create something truly viral. In 2013 we produced ‘Keelwalk’ which featured Alex trying, and ultimately succeeding in climbing onto the keel beneath his boat – a year later, we built on ‘Keelwalk’ to further push the boundaries of what stunts Alex could perform on his yacht…and so ‘Mastwalk’ was born. Production value and the danger of the stunt was augmented, so a multi camera, full scale glossy approach was chosen to present it in an epic and dramatic way. In addition a behind the scenes edit accompanied the main film to add further intrigue and shareability.

The Results

With a total of over 4 million views online, both films were watched for a combined 52000 hours approx, reaching over 10m Facebook users, and converting around €15m of global editorial value including full page articles in major national newspapers and their online sites, delivering 80% organic growth for the brand, and an above average conversion rate on the Hugo Boss online store.


"They have taken our project in to new territory with a fresh and dynamic approach whilst also offering a unique and personal service. There is no other choice..."

Tanya Brookfield, MD - Hugo Boss Sailing Team