Remember Senna

Ayrton Senna - just the name alone conjures memories of the troubled, mercurial, mystical genius of Formula 1. Never before or since has a driver captured the hearts of so many across the globe, transcending the sport to touch everyone both within and outside F1's magnetic appeal; in Brazil, his home country, his status is almost Godly. His was a skill and a record that has never since been equalled. In this film for McLaren, released to commemorate 20 years since the great man's tragic death at Imola, we recreate perhaps his most famous achievement - his legendary qualifying lap in Monaco, 1988 - with a moody, thought provoking treatment that features real audio from a candid interview with Senna and yet no archive footage at all. For this reason, this film went on to win an EVCOM Gold award for Editing in 2015.