McLaren x Google

At the end of 2022, McLaren came to WING to create five videos with their partnership sponsor Google. This is the first film of the five, shot on a freezing cold day in Esher, Lando talks us through his career journey before he gets behind the wheel of the fastest karts in the UK, running laps around his team members. We used an FPV drone to capture dynamic angles above the track mixed with a tracking arm rigged to a go-kart on the track, add about 14 minicams to the formula and you’ve got a recipe for an exciting film.
A special surprise occurs when Oscar Piastri joins him on the track, a media first for both drivers to appear together!

The Team

24 hours at McLaren Technology Centre is a long time in Formula 1… and a long time for our crews capturing all of the fast pace action, in the lead up to the 2023 season.Go behind the scenes at McLaren HQ as the team works tirelessly to create, collaborate and build the next chapter of McLaren’s history. With this ob-doc, we wanted to meet members of the team that are usually unseen, see behind the glitz and the glamour to showcase the hard work and personalities behind the team. Getting to see something usually unseen and get to tell those stories to the world, is truly a special part of what we do.

Oscar's First day

Oscar is in the building, and we were there to live it.Anchoring his day with a retrospective interview to narrate the day, in his own words - this film gives fans a glimpse of McLaren’s new rookie driver. His personality really shines through this film as we follow Oscar leading us through different parts of a Formula One driver’s induction - from seat fit, to simulator work, to meeting A LOT of McLaren team members.Getting Oscar’s buy in to the concept, really helped us craft something that isn’t usually such an intimate and ‘real’ content piece.

The Fans

A unique perspective. This film is set entirely within the computer screen of a Google Chromebook. This isn’t like anything you’ve seen before - because it is exactly what you see all the time….The Chromebook screen opens and our virtual camera follows the mouse as it opens apps and reveals new scenes within the computer. Our task was to showcase the amazing fans of the McLaren team, the Papaya tribe. Travelling the world through UGC that was then animated from scratch through different Google product UI. This may look like it’s all real, but it’s all rebuild by our designers and strung together with a narrative that allows audiences to follow the action and take in all the amazing content. Seamless.

Zak & Kids

The final film of the partnership series with Google and McLaren features their CEO Zak Brown showing a group of F1 kid fans how they do things at McLaren Racing. This tongue-in-cheek mockumentary see’s the inner workings of McLaren HQ in Woking through the eyes of the keenest quizzers out there.