London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay

Coca-Cola Presents… is a series of films designed and produced by Wing featuring some of the UK’s hottest music artists, who performed at gigs in cities up and down the UK in a continuous rolling tour as part of Coca-Cola’s London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay campaign.

Coca-Cola Presents… Labrinth

This opening film of the series sees R&B star Labrinth fly across the South-West whilst simultaneously witnessing Coca-Cola’s ‘Future Flames’ run with the Olympic Flame before performing in front of 50,000 spectators at the first gig in Plymouth.

Coca-Cola Presents… Labrinth Acoustic

In line with our signature Coca-Cola Presents… films we produced a series of exclusive acoustic performances from the featured artists. Shot in a range of original settings from backstage to on set, these VIP-access films gave fans a unique, one-off view of their favourite artist performing their signature tracks. Here RnB star Labrinth performs on the skids of the Coca-Cola helicopter that transports him to his gig in his main film.

Coca-Cola Presents… Eliza Doolittle

This episode of Coca-Cola Presents… follows a day in pop sensation Eliza Doolittle’s tour diary as she joins the Olympic Torch Relay in Scotland and performs a gig in Glasgow. Each episode had to work as part of a series but retain some stylistic individuality; using a mix of film, stop motion and animation techniques, this film is playful and kooky, just like Eliza.

Coca-Cola Presents... Eliza Doolittle Acoustic

Pop sensation Eliza Doolittle is perhaps best known as a kooky, playful popstar whose infectious, happy music and individual style make her appealing to a younger audience. This exclusive acoustic track, performed in her dressing room before going on stage in Glasgow, shows a more artistic side to her character, and showcases her incredible voice.

Coca-Cola presents... Wretch 32

Forming part of our 10-part Olympic Torch Relay series, this film features a local parkour group and grime artist Wretch 32, captured during his 4 night appearance for Coca-Cola in the South East of England. Wretch wrote an Olympic inspired accapella intro especially for this film and showed no fear of burning flares. Shot on Phantom and Alexa.

Coca-Cola Presents… The Wanted

The Wanted, 2012’s stand out boy band sensation, wanted to do more than just run with the Olympic Flame during their appearance on the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay. We set up a surprise with a team of teenagers running near Birmingham, who they joined for breakfast at home before helping them carry the torch. The band’s phenomenal fanbase helped to give this film enormous reach.

The Brief

For London 2012 Coca-Cola was one of the Presenting Partners for the Olympic Torch Relay, along with Samsung and LloydsTSB. Wing had already won the contract to provide daily content on the OTR for all three Presenting Partners. Coca-Cola then, 2 months before the start of the OTR, voiced concerns about delivering content to their key audience demographic – teens.

We were asked to conceptualise, produce and deliver a series of films that created a social media buzz, making Coke’s bespoke Facebook app THE place to view Olympic Torch Relay content, and generated a national conversation that lasted throughout the 70 day event.

The Solution

Wing devised a series of 10 films – 1 per week of the Olympic Torch Relay. Our approach was simple. In order to engage teens and create a viral effect in this age bracket and market we had to make content a ‘must view’, ‘have you seen this?’ – ‘unmissable’.

Each film told a separate story unique to the location at the time of the Relay, and featured one of the 18 music acts Coca-Cola had signed to their activation throughout the event, finishing with their performance on the Coca-Cola stage at the City Celebration event at the end of the day’s Torch Relay route.

The Results

Our films were a massive success, we were given an unofficial request to achieve 1 million hits. Our figures amounted to over 5 million hits on YouTube and a large selection of image capture and shots were used on the subsequent Coca-Cola TVC campaigns.

The Hard facts: We reached 7M teens (99% audience reach) with our content, which drove 6.1M expressions, (including over 3.6M video views).

There were 83K people who directly ‘liked’ & ‘shared’ our content driving 27% organic/‘earned’ impressions, which equated to £182K worth of ‘earned’ media.

Expression rate was the highest seen from any previous Coca Cola campaign. OTR campaign delivered an OTS of 89 across all platforms (every GB teen saw OTR creative at least twice).