Best Seat In The House

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the racing world’s most prestigious weekends, famous for the crowd’s ‘roar’ as the horses hit the home straight…so what better place for perennial pranksters Paddy Power to try out their new stunt?! At a whopping 63ft high and 60ft wide, using more than 3,600 sq ft of material, holding 115,000 cubic feet of air and boasting a belt-busting waistband of 2,260 inches…the Paddy Power hot air balloon is the world’s largest pair of pants. After 6 months of secret planning, floating this green machine over the racecourse was a totally renegade affair, and it wasn’t long before the race stewards were trying to shut us down. Luckily we were on hand with 8 separate camera units to capture the fun from all angles.