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Hi from WING HQ!


This month, as the championship heats up towards the end of the F1 season, we’ve continued releasing our race previews with Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas for Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team and Petronas Motorsports.

It’s been great to work with Lewis & Valtteri once again, and we love that our team has been able to capture each racetrack throughout, pushing our creative, editing, gfx and sound offering to the max.

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Meanwhile we’ve also been keeping busy with a range of other clients and are looking forward to sharing more details with you soon.

We celebrated wrapping up our Olympic & Paralympic journey this month, and received our very own Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch here at WING headquarters. We’re super proud of the fact we are the only production company in the whole world to have filmed three Olympic torch relays; that's 32,000 miles travelled, 3 host countries and some epic memories & films made across London 2012, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020.  

In typical WING fashion we had our very own Olympic torch relay in Queens Park to mark the moment… 

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Thanks so much to Coca-Cola for the beautiful Olympic torches which are pride of place at WING.


With COP26 the talk of the town in Glasgow last month, we want to talk sustainability. 

We’ve been thinking a lot about where brands need to be, and how they can think honestly about sustainability. The Ad Net Zero Pledge has seen a multitude of brands pledge to reduce their marketing endeavours to net zero, as part of their efforts to end climate change. Being environmentally friendly is not a nice-to-have, it’s now a need-to-have, and consumers are becoming increasingly savvy to brands and agencies greenwashing. Firms are already having ads banned and multiple businesses are being held accountable to the way they advertise. Ikea research has shown that 70% of people are “deeply concerned” about climate change, but only 6% know how to contribute and only 3% would be “prepared to pay for it” which clearly shows that the public are engaged with these issues, but unsure how to act.

As Ikea boss Jesper Brodin told Bloomberg, action on climate change is so important that “greenwashing is less dangerous than silence” and really, we’d have to agree, and hope that in talking about these issues we are able to steer people in the right direction. There is no quick fix when talking about sustainability, but brand marketing can and does influence consumer behaviour, so it’s on the brands and those in this industry to raise awareness.

We must also focus on the success stories, and showcase companies who are leading the way in sustainable practices. It's key to constantly vet what you’re doing and look at how we can all improve and develop. This could be as simple as a greening operation, and starting with smaller changes that we can all make -  such as running a plastic-free set on WING shoots, or Little Dot Studios’ zero landfill policy. Doing something now within our organisations, however small, is mega. What can your ‘bit’ be?

Seeing as we are talking sustainability, we want to shed light on ThePlanetVs , a critical mission from not-for-profit organisation AllRise aiming to set a precedent ending impunity for environmental destruction. A group of individuals from various sectors, including our very own Will Ingham as Creative Advisory Board member, have committed to filing and winning a landmark case at the International Criminal Court against Jair Bolsonaro, the president of Brazil. “Being the lungs of our planet, the destruction of the Amazon biome affects us all. In our complaint we present evidence that shows how Bolsonaro’s actions are directly connected to the negative impacts of climate change around the world,” AllRise founder Johannes Wesemann explains. 

Put simply, people must be accountable for their actions and AllRise is a movement dedicated to bringing eco-criminals to justice. If successful they will create a structural precedent to prevent state-sponsored mass deforestation by Bolsonaro and other bad actors at a critical time for the planet. We can create change. PLEASE SHARE AND SIGN HERE.


Ffion: Of course this month we haven't been able to avoid the Christmas ads, and for me my standout has had to be McDonald's Imaginary Iggy campaign. Whether it's the super cute fluffy monster, the great 80s track choice or the abundance of fairy lights, it grabbed me straight away and gave me just the right hit of cosy festive schmaltziness...and left me craving a McFlurry!

Join us next month for the last newsletter of the year & Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American readers!