WING's 2019 Best Bits: Tough Mudder

It’s not every day you find yourself at the bottom of the Mudderhorn, staring up at the 25 foot climb, gasping for breath, muscles aching, and caked head to toe in mud. Of course, we didn’t have to do that - we got to sit tight in our warm coats, shooting a bunch of influencers as they did it instead!

The team of influencers spent their Saturday morning running, jumping, and climbing through the epic 10-mile obstacle course, with GoPros strapped to their chests, and our WING team were there to capture every slip, slide, and crash of the journey. It was no easy feat but the team made it to the finish line, before throwing their crisp white T-shirts into the washing machine to be restored to their former glory. “Can you BELIEVE how white this shirt is?"

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