OnePlus and McLaren Partnership Launched with WING's Archive Film

To mark the new partnership of OnePlus and McLaren Racing, WING helped to launch OnePlus’ 6T McLaren Edition. Drawing parallels to the device’s speed & the motorsport brand’s historic reputation on the track, we produced a film entitled Salute To Bruce, celebrating the life and contributions of racing legend, McLaren founder and namesake Bruce McLaren.

WING’s Head of Production Mel produced the project, stating ‘OnePlus commissioned us to create a series of content for the partnership announcement, from daily teaser spots that went out on social media to a fully immersive video that was played out in McLaren’s state-of-the-art Thought Leadership Centre.’

Bruce defined speed, and now OnePlus is applying it with their lightning-fast technology; the smartphone manufacturer said, ‘OnePlus and McLaren came out of nowhere to take their industries by storm, making ours a perfect partnership.’

We look forward to seeing the future of this union between these two pioneering tech brands.

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