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In today’s celeb culture we rely on journalists to hold the rich, famous and powerful to account. Being an award-winning actor means you’re someone’s hero. Being a successful musician means you’re an idol to many. And being a sports star is no different. What do all of these have in common?

They have fans who they depend on for support - and essentially, who they answer to.

So, that’s exactly why the Jacksonville Jaguars asked Junior Journo Victor Dickinson to give his idols a good grilling.

The American NFL team were in town playing the Philadelphia Eagles at Wembley Stadium, and seven-year-old Victor was sure to remind them that they have fans on both sides of the Atlantic – with tough questions that demand answers.

“What’s your favourite superhero?” he asked Marcus Pollard, former wide receiver for the Jags.

Pollard was noticeably caught off guard, clearly not expecting Victor to open with a such a difficult question. Scrambling for an answer, he professed, “Probably Spiderman.”

Victor was not impressed. “I like Batman,” he retorted. Bad luck, Pollard.

Next in the hot seat was linebacker Telvin Smith. Victor didn’t waste any time cutting to the chase. “Do you think you could pick me up?”

Smith was up to the challenge. Not your usual interview!

But Victor wasn’t done grilling Smith yet. “Can you floss?”

The pressure of the challenge was too much; the linebacker failed miserably to perform the viral dance move, unable to compete with Victor and his flossing expertise. Victor went on to speak with Head Coach Marrone and his hero Jalen Ramsey whilst also chatting to NFL superstar Calais Campbell.

The Jags went on to play against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, narrowly missing out. But Victor didn’t miss out on anything, having spent the day with his NFL heroes. “Best day EVER!”

Check out the film below:

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